What is Balloon Sites?

Hands off experience

With a fully managed website, you’ll have a unique hands off experience, giving you the flexibility to control your cash flow, and the freedom to focus on more important business tasks.

That means we’ll take care of your website, domain name and email hosting. We’ll monitor your website to make sure it stays up and running online. We’ll handle any technical issues or problems that you run into with your site. And, of course, we’ll design, build and setup everything you need to get your website up and running in a timely manner – all included in one low monthly cost.

Month to month subscription

You’re building your business. So we don’t want to cut into your cash flow because that’s an important factor in growing your business.

That’s why we offer a month to month subscription plan so you can make low, easy payments each month for your website, instead of a large lump sum fee up front.Making small payments over the long term is a better option because it gives you an almost immediate return on investment for your online business.

With smaller monthly payments, the money you invest into your website will begin to pay for itself much faster than if you paid the entire cost up front.

Easy to update

Even though your website is fully managed with us, you’ll still have the option to make small changes to your site. If you notice a misspelled word, need to update some information, or even if you need to upload a picture – you can easily make those changes on your own without the need to ask and wait for us to do it every time.

Your website is built on top of WordPress, a content management system that allows you to make quick changes, and to update your live website.

Cancel anytime

When you feel like you’ve outgrown Balloon Sites, or if you just want to call it quits for whatever reason, you can cancel at any time.

If you do decide it’s time to move on, request a migration and we’ll help you move your domain name, professional email address, and all of your website files and content to your new web host for a migration fee of $599.

What are conversion optimized websites?

Just like we put you first as our customer, we make sure to design your website to cater to your customers’ or clients’ needs. 

We always design with a customer focused approach so that when people visit your website, they won’t leave because they had a bad experience.

This is what’s called conversion optimization.

We follow a proven process when we design your site that allows more of your online visitors to covert and become paying customers.

Our conversion optimization process

We start by understanding your business model and the goals you have for your online business. In other words, what are you looking to get out of your website?

Based on your goals, we determine the most important action you need visitors to take so that you can reach those goals. What’s the one thing you want visitors to do once they get to your website? This could be “get a quote”, “call us”, “chat with us”, “schedule a consultation” etc.

We design a layout that is optimized so that people who visit your site will be more likely to take that primary action.


Next, we include any secondary actions in the design to help lead visitors to, eventually, take the primary action you want them to take. Ultimately this will help you to reach your main goal.


Once we have decided on the primary and secondary actions, then we need to find out what real problems your ideal customers have and exactly how, what you have to sell, helps them to solve their problem.


After we identify the real problem, that will tell us what words and images we need to use to show people who are dealing with that problem, exactly how your product or service can help them directly.

What's included in all website plans?

Website Security

The pad lock icon in the browser address bar ensures your visitors that your website is safe to use.

Mobile Ready Design

Your site will be optimized to look great and load quickly on tablets and phones.

Built To Convert

We follow proven steps to design a great user experience so customers will contact you through your website.
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Lifetime Support

We won’t just build your site and leave. We will guide you after launch and help you to continually improve on your site.

Flexible Pricing

We know cash flow is important to you. Spread out your payments over time and add custom functionality as needed.

Get Found Online

We make sure your site shows up in search and other places online so people will be able to find your website.